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Posted by on Jun 22, 2014 in Minerals | 0 comments

Are You Living on Buried Treasure?

Mineral rights refer to landowner’s rights to earn a part of the profit from any type of minerals that could be extracted from the land. It generally describes the landowner’s rights to reap the benefits in a number of ways from the resources found in the ground. The mineral rights are applicable to every type of resources – metals and ores, gases and oil, and any other raw materials.

The landowner is also given the right to either profit from their mineral rights or to sell them. Because of the difficult and complicated process needed to extract the minerals from the ground, many landowners would allow oil and mineral companies to do the extracting in exchange of royalty income from the revenue the mineral brought it. There are several ways a landowner can profit; they can be sold directly, leased or developed. It all depends on the needs and wishes of the landowner.

When landowners choose to sell their mineral rights, it may be more helpful to have someone help with the legalities of the selling. According to The Mineral Auction, what complicates the process of selling mineral rights is that once they are bought, the buyer (and all possible future buyers) will be given the right to abuse the property. This could be a problem for the seller as well as other future owners. Others who buy mineral rights also have aims of simply being middlemen – wishing to invest on the property while act as property brokers to mining companies in order to gain a higher profit.

Mining companies that buy mineral rights also purchase the right to enter the land and remove the resources, taking any authority from the property owner to decide when to begin mining the resources or the process of how it will be done, as well as how the area will be restored. It may even take years for mining companies to begin operation, by which time other people may have to deal with the transaction you have made with them.

As The Mineral Auction advises, it takes a certain amount of knowledge, patience, and skill to have a profitable negotiation when it comes to selling mineral rights. When you believe that you don’t have all of these abilities, it would be better to find someone who does, like a lawyer or firm that knows how to legally deal with these business and ensures that your rights are protected as well. It would be wiser to hire a lawyer to help with the business negotiation than to lose money in the long.

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