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Posted by on Jun 24, 2014 in The Oil Spill | 0 comments

BP Oil Spill Claims

Four years after the BP oil pill in the Gulf of Mexico, the battle for compensation and fair settlement is still raging on, especially for those who have suffered because of the devastation. Many of those directly affected – those who live near and around the Gulf area – are already fed up with the BP Company’s claim that the oil crisis is over. Many residents who have businesses and depend their livelihood on fishing around the Gulf area have been upset with the uneven compensation given to them.

There are claimants that are happy with the compensation package they have been awarded, but a number are angry as BP is now challenging the conditions for compensation claims. Many have also reported and are irate over BP’s portrayal of the impact of the oil well explosion, contradicting the oil company’s allegation that the Gulf has been fixed. BP has issued a statement that discrepancies stated against them have no scientific basis and studies conducted have proven the safety of the water.

Claims for lost income and property damage have been easier for large businesses and individuals as compared to smaller companies or start-ups who do not have detailed accounts. However, BP has asserted that their settlement program has been too generous in some cases. Yet, the settlement has not given compensation to everyone affected. Only about 20 out of more than 3,000 claims have received compensation so far.

BP has recently won a court battle to limit who qualifies for compensation payouts. In order to have a better and claim for compensation, find BP oil spill lawyers who will represent your case in court effectively.

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