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Posted by on Dec 21, 2016 in Copyright | 0 comments

Copyright and Trademark in Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property refers to anything that has been formed in the mind, such as artistic works and other inventions. Intellectual property has been an important part of commerce, and there are fundamental laws that protect individuals, businesses, and their intellectual properties that include but are not limited to trademarks, copyright, patents, and trade secrets.

But why is there a need to protect intellectual property? It’s because our society progresses through the creation and invention of new things. The laws are there to protect the owners of these inventions, encouraging more competition and more innovation.

Despite the protections, intellectual property disputes still exist. According to the website of the Houston intellectual property attorneys of Williams Kherkher, many intellectual property disputes are associated with copyright cases, trademark cases, and trade secret litigation.


Copyright laws are there to protect authors, artists, and other creators and their creations. Copyright covers a lot of things, like novels, films, photographs, and architecture. If these works are reproduced, distributed, or displayed without the permission of their creators, it is copyright infringement, which is also loosely called piracy.

Protecting copyright gives the creators incentives for their work, like recognition and revenue that they can deem only as their own. Of course, this is not just on an individual level, but also in a company level. Companies that enjoy the protections of copyright will be more determined to invest in their works, especially because nobody can steal these works from them. As a result, culture and entertainment become even more enjoyable for everybody.


Trademarks are distinctive signs that identify products and services, and these signs include signatures, marks, expressions, or anything else that makes a product or service recognizable. Trademark protections exist so the individuals and companies that own them get exclusive rights to use these signs to identify only their products and services.

By protecting trademarks, the individuals and companies that own them are incentivized through recognition and profit that only they can enjoy. This also prevents counterfeiters, and again, this encourages more competition and innovation.

With the development of technology, copyright and trademark protections can be harder and harder to implement. But at the end of the day, these protections still exist and are ready to bite on whoever try to go against them, may they be out in the open or hiding in the deep end of the internet.

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