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Posted by on Oct 18, 2017 in Craft Beer | 0 comments

Top 5 Craft Brew Cities

Craft beer is taking off all over the country. But, like all products and crazes, it’s taking off more in some places than in others.

For instance, you see skateboards rolling down the streets of Lexington, Kentucky every now and then, but no one would call it the center of the skateboarding world.

So, for those looking to really invest themselves in the craft beer world, where are the best cities to visit to really get into the scene?

Here are the top 5 cities to plot on your national craft beer tour.

  1. Myrtle Beach, SC

Not the first location on most lists, but Myrtle Beach has a growing craft beer culture. It’s also the seat of some great beer-based invention, such as the Growler Chiller, which allows you to keep beer growler cold.

  1. Pittsburgh, PA

A city that loves beer so much, it has a whole museum dedicated to it. Go to the museum, then stay for the beer on offer at the local bars and pubs.

  1. Seattle, WA

A city that prides itself on coffee also has a thriving craft beer culture that prides itself on being inventive. Try some of the really creative beers here.

  1. Denver, CO

In the second slot, a city that already has a reputation for a free-spirited love of inebriation (in all the best senses of the word). Denver is working hard to undo the damage Coors has done to its beer reputation. And, with its Denver Beer Triangle (home to 72 pubs), it’s doing an excellent job.

Colorado may be best known for snowboarding and the recent legalization of some…substances, but Denver’s making a good claim that it should also be known for its great craft beer.

  1. Portland, OR

The home of the hipsters, a West Coast haven for those who cherish a liberal and relaxed atmosphere, a city of bicyclists and handlebar mustaches: Portland is perhaps the most obvious place to create the craft beer capital of the world. Obvious or not, the statement is true: in the world of craft beer, Portland is king.

The city has the most craft breweries of any city in the world. That’s right, not just the West Coast or America (which would be good enough to place first on this list), but of the world.

Needless to say (but still worth saying anyway), Portland has a fantastic selection of beers. All those microbreweries mean there are plenty of new and unique beers on tap at every bar or pub you step into.

If you’re looking for a city to visit to get a real sense of the craft brewing scene, this is the one to go to.

So settle in on your bicycle, slick up your mustache, and head over to Portland to become a microbrew aficionado. There is, literally, nowhere better in the world to go.

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